About Us

Management Team

Company Founder | CEO

DiJaun J. Jack (2010- Present) 

E. Dijaun.Jack@caribjack.com 

Company Secretary
Donna-Lee D. Bartlette 

E. Donna-lee.Bartlette@caribjack.com

Shipping Department Head
Evannette Smith 

E. Evannette.Smith@caribepostskn.com

Office Manager
Ochelle Smith 

E. Ochelle.Smith@caribepostskn.com

Delivery Dispatcher
Wilforde Hamilton 

E. wilforde.hamilton@caribjack.com

Insurance | Property Coordinator Manager
Tricilla Arthurton
E. Tricilla.Arthurton@caribjack.com  

St. Kitts Head

Oscar Rawlins

E. Oscar.Rawlins@caribepostskn.com 

 Event Coordinator | Sales Representative   

Rondee Pinney 

E. Rondee.Pinney@caribjack.com



Parks Ville Complex, Charlestown, Nevis


Walls Deluxe, Forth Street, St. Kitts 

DR Walwyn Square South, Charlestown, Nevis 

Company Profile


  • Carib Jack Group of Companies Limited was established in 2010 in the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis. 
  • Our Offices are all privately owned and operated with convenient locations in both St. Kitts & Nevis. Each office/outlet are located in the heart of Capital of St. Kitts & Nevis making us very accessible to our customers. 
  • Caribe Jack Group offers customers the ease of Importing, Exporting, Insurance Coverage and Real Estate services.  
  • The company has been operating for 8 years and proving professional and satisfactory services to local and international clientele.  

  • Mission Statement
    " Excellent Service, Excellent Results!"